Details emerge about Porsche’s Red Bull takeover, AlphaTauri to get new power unit supplier

Porche and Audi are expected to enter Formula 1 in 2026.

Porsche are understood to have filed applications to get the go-ahead for a deal with Red Bull that sees the German car maker obtain half ownership of the team.

Rumours have been circulating for months that Volkswagen were looking to enter Formula 1, and their subsidiaries – Porsche and Audi – were the main subjects.

Initially it was thought that they would be teaming up to make powertrains to provide to Red Bull and McLaren, but it now appears that they will not be collaborating on any project.

Porsche are seeking to make powertrains, while Audi are looking to purchase a team in 2026.

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The reason they want to look into joining the sport in four years, rather than now, is that the engine philosophy is set to change so, in terms of competitiveness, the companies will essentially be starting on the same base level as everyone else, rather than starting behind.

If they were to join now, they will have spent excessive resources on trying to develop towards the front, harming their chances of being competitive in 2026 anyway.

It has been one of the worst kept secret in F1 that Porsche are set to supply Red Bull with engines when the new regulations arrive, and this would inevitably lead to them purchasing shares in the group.

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Documents have been filed to a number of authorities – including Morocco and over 20 members of the European Union – to ensure that the transaction is all above board.

Officially, the application is to purchase half of Red Bull Technologies, so it is highly likely that this would also include the F1 operation.

Audi are still understood to be in talks with the Sauber Group to take over from Alfa Romeo in four years, but what is not known is the power supply they would be taking as a result.

Porsche power or Mercedes engines would make sense, seeing as they are a German brand, but Sauber have a long-standing relationship with Ferrari, so that will be an intriguing one to see how it plays out.

It also appears likely that Red Bull’s junior team, AlphaTauri, will be taking on Porsche engines from 2026 onwards.