‘That Guy Is Crazy As Hell:’ Journo Expects Nikita Mazepin To Receive F1 Ban After 5 Races

Before even competing in a single Formula One grand prix, Nikita Mazepin is already being criticised for his race craft and his off-track conduct.

Nikita Mazepin has long been a divisive figure, with his sometimes reckless race craft sparking criticism and his off-track conduct drawing condemnation.

For instance, several years ago, he sparked criticism for punching fellow racer Callum Ilott after the pair were involved in an on-track incident

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And, much more recently, Mazepin has found himself in hot water after he groped an Instagram model in Dubai and posted the video onto social media.

This latest incident prompted calls for the Haas F1 Team to drop the Russian racing driver, with a petition getting over 40,000 signatures in a matter of weeks.

And now, a Dutch F1 journalist has warned that Nikita Mazepin’s reckless driving is likely to result in him getting a three-race ban after just a few races.

“Great, it’s going to be a party. Within five races he’ll have so many penalty points that he is not allowed to participate for three races. That guy is crazy as hell,” Ziggo Sport journalist Jack Plooij said in an interview with Motorsport.com.

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