Ted Kravitz reveals ‘exciting’ Mercedes option for Lewis Hamilton

In an interview with Sky Sports, Kravitz shared insights into the ongoing discussions regarding Hamilton's replacement.

Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz has indicated that Mercedes believes Kimi Antonelli has the potential to match the prowess of Charles Leclerc or even Max Verstappen, as the speculation surrounding who will succeed Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes for the 2025 Formula 1 season takes centre stage.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Kravitz shared insights into the ongoing discussions regarding Hamilton’s replacement.

“There are so many options for Mercedes and quite a lot of them are quite good,” he remarked.

“Obviously the most exciting from Mercedes’ point of view is to put Andrea Kimi Antonelli in the car because they feel he is the next Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc, he’s that promising.”

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While the prospect of Antonelli taking the helm at Mercedes excites many, including the team itself, Kravitz highlighted the need for caution.

“At the same time, they’ll only know that when he completes at least half a full Formula 2 season,” he cautioned.

“And I believe Toto Wolff when he says that we have to be careful to treat him like a 17-year-old still growing up and not try to rush him too early. It might do more harm than good.”

Indeed, Antonelli’s potential has sparked considerable interest, despite his limited experience.

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With Mercedes potentially eyeing him as their future star, the pressure on the Italian teenager is immense.

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Yet, Mercedes might have no choice but to expedite his progression to avoid losing him to another team.

Kravitz’s remarks also shed light on alternative options for Mercedes, with seasoned campaigner Fernando Alonso emerging as a potential Plan B.

However, the spotlight remains firmly on Antonelli as he gears up for his debut Formula 2 race in Bahrain, where observers will eagerly gauge his performance.