Ted Kravitz recalls Christian Horner encounter

Sky Sports presenter Ted Kravitz has shared a pre-Red Bull interaction he had with the now world famous team principal Christian Horner.

Sky Sports presenter and F1 reporter Ted Kravitz took a stroll down memory lane recently as he reminisced about a chance encounter with a younger Christian Horner back in 2004. 

Sharing his amusing tale, Kravitz painted a vivid picture of their unexpected meeting at Milan’s Linate airport during the Monza race weekend.

Kravitz vividly described the scene, recounting how he found himself standing in a passport queue when he noticed a fellow traveller behind him. 

The person in question, whom Kravitz recognised due to his involvement with the F3000 team Arden, turned out to be Christian Horner. 

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The conversation between the two naturally drifted towards Formula 1, and Horner shared some exciting news with Kravitz, revealing his forthcoming venture as a team boss in the upcoming season. 

Kravitz, taken aback by the revelation, wished Horner well in his new role but didn’t think much of it at the time.

Little did they know at the time that Horner would go on to achieve great success with Red Bull Racing, securing multiple World Championships in the years to come.

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Looking back now, Kravitz playfully lamented that, despite being the same age, Horner was now the successful head of a Grand Prix-winning team, while he himself had not achieved such heights.

Red Bull are, by far, the most dominant team in Formula 1 these days, looking set to wrap up the Constructors’ Championship earlier than any other team in the sport’s recent history.

Continuing their 100% win record in Canada, Max Verstappen and Red Bull are on top in both title races with comfortable leads.