Ross Brawn

Hamilton doesn’t believe he’s Mercedes’ lead driver

The start of 2022 hasn’t gone how Sir Lewis Hamilton may have expected; the seven-time World Champion is already considered to be out of title contention after just six rounds. The new era hasn’t greeted the Mercedes F1 Team with their usual success, instead they’ve been the third best team on the grid and continue


Mercedes warned of tensions between Hamilton and Russell

Former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger has warned that the dynamic between Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell could begin to waver after the 24-year-old’s impressive performances so far in 2022. The underperforming Mercedes team’s woes have been cultivated by the turn of the new technical regulations, of which Berger has declared himself a fan


Brawn dismisses Russell’s criticism

Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn has discussed that his philosophy for improving the show in the pinnacle of motorsport usually involves asking for feedback from the drivers towards the front of the grid, so is unlikely to seriously consider George Russell’s feedback. Both Russell and Sir Lewis Hamilton got caught in a DRS train


Mercedes tipped to run shockingly unique design in 2022

Mercedes are reported to have made a significant update to their 2022 car that involves a complete lack of any sidepods. The teams are trying to figure out the best and most efficient way of extracting maximum performance from the cars under the new technical regulations this season as a ground effect-led aerodynamic concept is


Brawn warns F1 don’t want huge ‘shock’ to the pecking order in 2022

Formula 1 technical director Ross Brawn maintains that any degree of success an F1 team enjoys must be earned on track, and therefore hopes that the new technical regulations have not jumbled the order up excessively. The cars have altered significantly ahead of this year, with the aerodynamics of the cars being simplified in a


Brawn warns Red Bull and Mercedes of 2009-style downfall

Formula 1 technical director Ross Brawn has said that Mercedes and Red Bull must work to avoid a repeat of McLaren and Ferrari’s 2009 struggles ahead of the 2022 season. Sir Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa became embroiled in a gargantuan battle in 2008, with the Briton eventually coming out on top to claim his

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