Nikolas Tombazis

Ferrari to present expenditure of each team to FIA

Ferrari will present a sheet to the FIA detailing what they believe are every team’s expenses in the opening rounds of 2022, including the costs incurred by Red Bull’s major upgrades. The raft of new technical regulations this season included the re-introduction of ground effect aerodynamics as well as a new $140 million budget cap.


FIA stresses exception to Formula 1’s engine freeze

FIA head of single-seaters technical matters, Nikolas Tombazis, has declared that engine performance up and down the grid is relatively uniform after the introduction of the freeze. The engine freeze is one of many alterations made to the technical regulations this season, with an E10 fuel blend – made up of 90 percent fossil fuels


‘We have tax experts’: FIA warns F1 teams against budget cap trickery

FIA head of single-seater technical matters, Nikolas Tombazis, has reiterated that the governing body will not allow any skirting of the financial regulations. Along with new technical regulations this year has come a more stringent budget cap which has forced teams to adopt a more circumspect approach to how they bring upgrades to their cars.