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Mercedes make admission about 2023 power unit

Hywel Thomas, the managing director of Mercedes’ high performance powertrains engine division, has revealed that the Silver Arrows prepared themselves for “whatever” 2023 was going to throw at them, ahead of the current season. Mercedes have endured a challenging 20 months in the new aerodynamic era of the sport, which has also seen an engine


Mercedes admit ‘a lot of heartache’ amid work on new engine

Hywel Thomas, the managing director of Mercedes’ High Performance Powertrains engine division, expects a significant amount of development and innovation from manufacturers ahead of Formula 1’s next rules reset in 2026.  As preparations for the upcoming engine rule changes progress, Thomas sheds light on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. One of the major


Mercedes ‘knew’ 2022 fuel regulations would ‘hit’ power unit’s performance

Mercedes endured a horrific start to 2022, and it wasn’t just thanks to the new aerodynamic regulations which were introduced into the sport. The Silver Arrows were the worst hit team by the shocking porpoising phenomena, something which saw the Germans have to prioritise eradicating the issue, rather than car development. Whilst their porpoising issues were well documented,


Wolff: ‘We don’t know if we are even in the hunt for another title’

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff can give no guarantees regarding the Silver Arrows’ competitiveness this year, insisting that they will simply have to wait and see whether or not they have nailed the new technical regulations. Formula 1 has radically altered its cars ahead of the new season, with aerodynamic efficiency being severely limited compared


Aston Martin CTO suggests Red Bull aren’t an ‘honest bunch’

Aston Martin chief technical officer Andrew Green has aimed a sly jibe at Red Bull after their car launch ahead of the 2022 season. Dr Helmut Marko had already indicated to fans that the car Max Verstappen will be using in a bid to defend his title will not look quite like the one that

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Mercedes Reveal They’re Facing Power Unit ‘Issues’ Ahead Of 2021 Season

With just weeks to go until pre-season testing in Bahrain, Mercedes has revealed that it is facing power unit “issues”, though they remain confident their engines will be running smoothly for the first grand prix weekend. Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains managing director Hywel Thomas said they are doing everything possible to make sure their 2021-spec