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Max Verstappen has good news for Formula 1 fans

After annihilating the entire field at the Belgian Grand Prix, reigning World Champion Max Verstappen isn’t expecting to enjoy the same success going forward, after Spa-Francorchamps suited the RB18 “perfectly”. Verstappen was in a league of his own last weekend, lapping over half a second faster than the entire grid virtually every lap. It’s a


Lewis Hamilton sends cheeky message to Fernando Alonso after rant

Sir Lewis Hamilton has well and truly responded to Fernando Alonso’s “idiot” remarks during the Belgian Grand Prix, by signing one of his caps with “To Fernando” written on the front. It is clear that there is still a rivalry between the old McLaren F1 team-mates, with Alonso having let his feelings known during last


Did Lewis Hamilton deserve a penalty in Belgium?

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are two drivers who know each other very well, and their relationship has always been a fascinating one. Their first experience of one another on a Formula 1 racetrack was in 2007, when Hamilton made his debut for McLaren. They both won four races that year as they challenged

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