Spokesperson denies explosion occurred after two workers injured during preparations for 2022 Miami GP

Formula 1 heads to Miami this weekend for the first race held in Florida since 1959.

Two workers at the Hard Rock Stadium have suffered burns after an “electrical incident” occurred while they were preparing for this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix.

Last Friday morning, Miami-Dade Fire & Rescue were called to the stadium having been warned of a possible explosion.

Two workers had sustained injuries, and the critical injuries for one of them meant that they had to be taken to hospital by helicopter, while the other was transported by ambulance.

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A spokesperson for the stadium confirmed that there had been an electrical accident but not an explosion, and that the injuries incurred by the unfortunate events are not life-threatening ones.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and have been in communication with the appropriate authorities,” the spokesperson added, quoted by the Miami Herald.

F1 heads to Florida for the second time in its history this weekend having held a race at Sebring in 1959, and the venue, while exciting for many, was disturbing for others, with residents of Miami Gardens coming together to file a lawsuit against the event taking place due to the noise disturbances that would be caused by it.

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An affidavit was signed testifying that the noise emanated from the racetrack would be unavoidable for the residents, but judge Alan Fine did not see any compelling evidence that this would be the case.

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“The bottom line here is I’m not going to schedule a preliminary injunction hearing prior to 6 May,” he said.

“Two are more important than the rest,” he added. “Although the burden may seem unfair to the plaintiffs, I do find that any potential harm is avoidable.

“In combination with that, the evidence proffered so far regarding the potential hearing loss is, in my view, very highly speculative.

“It is not based on any current Formula 1 noise information, and the most recent affidavit from overnight does not take into consideration the south wall [a pre-existing wall designed to cancel out noise disturbances emanating from the venue.]”

Miami is the first of two races in the United States this year, with Vegas re-joining the calendar to make it three next season along with the United States Grand Prix in Austin.