Speculation Swirls as Aston Martin Considers All-Spanish Lineup for 2025

Sainz's future is up in the air after Ferrari opted for Lewis Hamilton, leaving the Spaniard seeking a new team.

In a recent episode of the Formula For Success podcast, ex-F1 team manager Jordan hinted that Lance Stroll’s tenure might be in jeopardy, despite his father Lawrence owning the team.

Stroll has found it difficult to keep pace with teammate Fernando Alonso, a two-time world champion, who secured 206 of the team’s 280 points last season, placing six ranks ahead of the Canadian.

Notably, only Alex Albon of Williams and Nico Hulkenberg of Haas contributed a higher percentage of their team’s points than Alonso.

After Stroll’s mishap at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, discussions about his performance intensified, although he showed resilience by outperforming Alonso in Australia, finishing sixth and earning eight points.

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Jordan speculates that Lawrence Stroll might consider replacing his son with Carlos Sainz to form a potent duo with Alonso for 2025.

Sainz’s future is up in the air after Ferrari opted for Lewis Hamilton, leaving the Spaniard seeking a new team.

“Do not be surprised if you see an all-Spanish Aston Martin team next year.

“Bear that in mind where you first heard it.

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“Log that down and move on,” Jordan advised listeners, stirring speculation about the team’s future lineup.

However, Alonso’s stay at Aston Martin beyond this season isn’t certain, as Team Principal Mike Krack has planned to offer him a new deal.

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Alonso’s decision remains pivotal, considering the potential openings at leading teams like Mercedes and Red Bull, especially with Hamilton leaving Mercedes and uncertainties surrounding Max Verstappen at Red Bull.

Despite Aston Martin’s interest in Verstappen, Alonso’s altercation with George Russell at Albert Park might dampen his prospects at Mercedes, as observed by Martin Brundle.

Thus, remaining with Aston Martin could emerge as Alonso’s most viable option, amidst a landscape of speculation and strategic team decisions that could reshape his career trajectory.