Christian Horner wants Red Bull promotion after scandal

The issue has not settled there, as the accuser has escalated the complaint to the FIA, seeking to overturn Red Bull's verdict in Horner's favor.

Amidst a turbulent period for Red Bull, Team Principal Christian Horner is reportedly aiming for a significant career advancement within the organization.

Despite facing internal challenges and allegations of inappropriate behavior, Horner, 50, was exonerated by Red Bull after a complaint from a female employee prompted an internal investigation.

The issue has not settled there, as the accuser has escalated the complaint to the FIA, seeking to overturn Red Bull’s verdict in Horner’s favor.

This situation has intensified internal conflicts, even leading to public criticism from Jos Verstappen, Max Verstappen’s father, who has called for Horner’s dismissal.

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Nevertheless, Horner is purportedly seeking a more influential position as CEO of Red Bull GmbH, aiming to succeed Oliver Mintzlaff, the current CEO and former RB Leipzig executive.

Reports from Bild suggest that Horner has the robust support of Chalerm Yoovidhya, Red Bull’s majority owner, who controls a 51% stake in the company.

This backing could be crucial for Horner’s aspirations to transition to a leadership role beyond the race track at Red Bull Racing.

The controversy surrounding Horner has stirred opinions within the Formula 1 community.

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Despite being cleared by an extensive investigation led by a prominent independent lawyer, not everyone is convinced of the appropriateness of Horner’s continued presence in the sport.

Ralf Schumacher, brother of the legendary Michael Schumacher, has voiced his support for those advocating for Horner’s resignation.

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Schumacher criticized the overshadowing of the sport by the Horner saga, especially highlighted during the season’s opening in Bahrain.

He lamented the lack of transparency in the assessment of the situation and criticized Horner for portraying himself as a victim, a stance that Schumacher finds problematic given the circumstances initiated by Horner himself.

This complex situation at Red Bull underscores the delicate balance between leadership ambitions and the repercussions of internal disputes, all playing out in the high-stakes environment of Formula 1 racing.