‘So cringe’: Ultra-awkward moment between British journalists at 2022 Dutch Grand Prix

The driver market has sent everyone for a spin this summer.

There is rarely a dull moment during Sky Sports’ coverage of Formula 1 sessions, and that certainly rang true during practice for the Dutch Grand Prix.

Commentator David Croft brought in pit lane reporter, Ted Kravitz, to report on Oscar Piastri’s situation with Alpine, while only Lando Norris and Alex Albon were out on track.

Piastri was being made to wait until 2025 for a seat with the French side, but that might have been 2024 if Fernando Alonso did not sign at the end of next season.

It might also have been next year were Alonso to reject a new contract and leave, so the Australian was getting mixed messages about his future.

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At the same time, the double world champion was not being given a longer deal due to the Enstone-based outfit’s commitment to getting Piastri in the car in the next few years.

In the end, Alpine could not give any guarantees to either driver about their future, so both of them went looking elsewhere.

Alonso has signed with Aston Martin to replace the retiring Sebastian Vettel, while Piastri will join McLaren amid Daniel Ricciardo’s departure.

Alpine boss, Otmar Szafnauer, created a confusing situation at Enstone by committing to Alonso, Piastri and Esteban Ocon while making the respective futures of the double world champion and the reigning Formula 2 champion conditional on each other.

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Equally confusing was the situation in the Sky commentary box.

After the contract recognition board (CRB)’s confirmation that Piastri’s contract with McLaren is valid, Croft threw down to Kravitz for him to explain what was happening.

However, with little track action for the viewers to enjoy while he was talking, the latter decided to hold off until after the break.

“You can go to your break,” Kravitz told Croft.

“Alright, you’re producing the show are you, Ted?” joked the commentator.

“The only car on track is a Williams, and I can go on and on if you want, but I understood we were going to a break, and all I can see is a lot of cars in the garage,” explained Kravitz.

“And I do want to talk about Alpine and Oscar Piastri, and all of this, but it won’t in the interest of our viewers – our viewers want to see cars on track…”

While Kravitz was rambling, Croft was repeating his name to get his attention, and he eventually told him, “Just go for it now, just tell us about Alpine, go for it.”

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“No I don’t… what was I going to say?” stuttered Kravitz as the hilarious back and forth continued.

“I don’t know mate,” laughed Croft, before a break was eventually called.

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