Sky trying to end Max Verstappen hostilities amid Ted Kravitz flare-up

Red Bull refused to speak to Sky in Mexico after Max Verstappen declared a boycott.

Red Bull have always been an opinion dividing influence in the sporting world, with the energy drink company being accused of buying their success rather than earning it, due to their lack of history.

In the footballing world RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg are often shown an unwanted bias by the media and it appears the it is no different in Formula 1, after footage remerged of Sky Sport’s bitter sounding reaction to the teams success in the early 2010’s.

Max Verstappen said enough is enough prior to the Mexican Grand Prix, following TV personality Ted Kravitz’s comments about how Lewis Hamilton was robbed of the 2021 title and a general alleged bias against the team from Milton Keynes.

“It has nothing to do with this weekend, but this year, it has been a constant kind of digging and being disrespectful, especially from one particular person. At some point, it is enough and I don’t accept it,” the Dutchman explained before the race in Mexico.

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It is now understood that Sky Sports managing director Jonathan Licht and their F1 director Billy McGinty are set to visit Red Bull’s factory in an attempt to rekindle their relationship with the team, having already had discussions about how to draw a line under the whole situation.

It was originally unknown how long Red Bull planned to boycott the broadcasting giants, with Verstappen appearing to be completely done with Sky Sports, however team principal Christian Horner has confirmed that it will be business as usual in Brazil, with the boycott being more of a statement than anything else.

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Horner accused Sky Sports of sensationalising parts of their broadcasting, often causing unnecessary drama and suggested that the Kravitz comment on ‘Ted’s Notebook’ was the straw that broke the camel’s back after a sustained period of mistreatment towards his team.

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Alongside Sky Sports’ plan to speak to Red Bull on a professional level, it is expected that Kravitz will attempt to speak to Horner and Verstappen in person when the F1 bandwagon rocks up at the Interlagos circuit for the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend.

Both parties will hope that they can smooth things over as the 2022 season approaches it’s end, with both Red Bull and Sky Sports playing a massive sport in making the sport the best it can be for the fan’s viewing pleasure.