Sky reporter kicked out of media pen

Ted Kravitz was hosting his usual post-qualifying Notebook show.

Veteran Formula 1 journalist Ted Kravitz is famously known for finding himself in some hilarious positions, at times, occasionally in areas he isn’t supposed to be in.

The Sky Sports F1 reporter famously moved a no entry sign at the Miami Grand Prix to go up a banned escalator, in order to show Sky viewers inside the Hard Rock Stadium.

The Briton is known amongst the entire paddock incredibly well, which comes as no surprise given the fact, he’s held his role for nearly thirty years.

Kravitz started covering Formula 1 in 1996 as a researcher for ITV; since then he’s worked for BBC and, of course, Sky.

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It seemingly appears, though, that he’s finally entered an area he’s not supposed to and has actually been caught, or that someone just doesn’t like him!

During his Notebook programme after qualifying, the journalist was debriefing the incredible session where Charles Leclerc claimed pole; however, he was then kicked out by an official.

“What, hello,” Kravitz said, before asking the official “are you chucking us out?”

The official cheerily said “I am”, resulting in the veteran reporter leaving the area.

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“Aren’t we normally in here?” he asked his reporter. “No? Has the rule changed?

“Don’t we normally do that in the [media] pen? Maybe there’s been a misunderstanding,” Kravitz said to his cameraman.

Kravitz then continued his debrief elsewhere, even though, he was right, and does usually hover around the media pens during his shows.

He was kicked out whilst Leclerc was being interviewed by another broadcaster, following on from his all-important pole position.

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The Monegasque looked great all weekend, including, in changing conditions.

However, he ended up finishing the race in P2, with Sergio Perez taking the win for Red Bull.