‘Shut the f*** up’: Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo conversation resurfaces

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were team-mates at Red Bull from the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix until the end of the 2018 season.

Double World Champion Max Verstappen is certainly not a driver who keeps his emotions to himself, with the Dutchman’s anger in particular having been heard over the team radio several times in the past.

When off the circuit, though, he’s often seen to be joking around with his fellow Red Bull drivers, with Verstappen and former team-mate Daniel Ricciardo in particular having often been seen messing about together.

With Ricciardo having returned to Red Bull as a development driver for the forthcoming season following his axing from McLaren, a clip of the duo from when they raced alongside each other has resurfaced, where Verstappen jokingly shouts, “shut the f*** up”.

In the resurfaced clip, Ricciardo is seen discussing his mother, before Verstappen becomes frustrated by a loud bang in the background.

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“What job did your mother want you to have?” Verstappen asked Ricciardo, in the clip, which was posted by The Sydney Morning Herald.

“She probably wanted me to be better at school. But now she’s happy that I am racing,” Ricciardo answered.

“I can understand,” the Dutchman replied.

“She gets nervous, but I think she likes it deep down. She’s like ‘my homie!” said Ricciardo.

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“Can you just shut the f*** up?” Verstappen suddenly shouted, following a loud bang in the background.

Ricciardo’s return to Red Bull has, of course, seen the Aussie and the Dutchman reunited, with the duo having remained close despite having been involved in some clashes during their time together.

Ricciardo’s experience will be massively important and beneficial for the Milton Keynes-based team, with his work in the simulator likely to support both Verstappen and Sergio Pérez.

The 33-year-old is pleased to have returned to Red Bull for the forthcoming season, with the fan favourite having also spoken very highly of the reigning World Champion.

“It’s actually been really nice being back with the team, but also with Max, Red Bull’s new signing told Speedcafe.com.

“In the few years now I’ve spent outside of the team, I’ve seen him grow and mature, certainly as a driver, but I think also as an individual.

“Obviously there was the Baku clash but really, other than that – we were very competitive, of course – but I think we always had a very good personal relationship.

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“We communicated as well over text and stuff so it’s kind of just nice to see where we are.

“Obviously, since I left, he’s become a two-time world champion, so to see his success and growth as well as a driver.

“But he’s carrying himself really well and, honestly, he seems pretty unchanged, other than, you know, maturing as an individual.”