Sergio Perez ready to fight amid Max Verstappen challenge

Sergio Perez has discussed his challenging start to the 2023 season ahead of the return of racing at the Dutch Grand Prix this weekend.

Securing a spot in the renowned Red Bull Racing team in Formula 1 is a coveted achievement for drivers worldwide. 

However, while the allure of joining such a dominant team is undeniable, the mental challenge of competing alongside Max Verstappen, the team’s almost unstoppable driver, can be quite demanding. 

Sergio Perez has opened up on his experience and position at the high pressure Red Bull Racing outfit.

As Verstappen’s teammate, Perez acknowledges the exceptional standard set by the Dutch driver. 

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Verstappen’s consistently flawless performances, devoid of errors, and his mastery of every race weekend have set a high benchmark. 

Perez has been personally exposed to this dynamic for nearly three years now. 

Despite being one of the world’s elite F1 drivers, Perez admits that his performance is overshadowed by the achievements of the Dutch two-time world champion.

In an interview with Viaplay conducted ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix, Perez opens up about the unique challenges of being Verstappen’s teammate. 

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He acknowledges Verstappen’s remarkable talent, tireless work ethic, consistent performance, and unwavering focus on his goals. 

Perez acknowledges that working alongside Verstappen presents both immense pressure and valuable learning opportunities: “It is very difficult to have Verstappen as a teammate. 

“He is very talented, he works very hard, always performs, and is very goal-oriented. 

“He is a top driver, but it is also nice to have him as a teammate. 

“Then you have to perform to the maximum. 

“It puts you under a lot of pressure.”

Navigating the pressure and dynamics of this unique partnership requires resilience and a strong mental attitude. 

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Perez reveals how he copes with the constant pressure of competing with Verstappen: “It is not easy to deal with someone who is always performing. It’s a unique situation and I learned a lot because of that. 

“It’s a great time.” 

Addressing the question of whether his position alongside Verstappen is the most challenging on the grid, Perez candidly responds: “Yes, I think so. 

“If you are not strong enough in your shoes, it will be very difficult to compete against him.”