Sergio Perez breaks his silence on Alpine sacking

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has express his sadness over the decision to sack his former boss from Alpine.

Sergio Perez has joined the chorus of voices discussing the recent managerial shifts within Alpine, expressing his disappointment about the team’s decision to part ways with his former team principal Otmar Szafnauer. 

Perez characterised the French outfit’s move as a “shame,” highlighting his admiration for Szafnauer’s capabilities.

Szafnauer took on the role of Alpine’s Team Principal for the 2022 season, transitioning from a similar position at Aston Martin several months prior. 

Surprisingly, just before the Belgian Grand Prix last month, it was revealed that both Szafnauer and Sporting Director Alan Permane would be departing from the team.

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Perez’s connection with Szafnauer traces back to their collaboration at Aston Martin, previously known as Force India and Racing Point, from 2014 to 2020. 

Commenting on the unexpected nature of Szafnauer’s departure, Perez expressed, “I think I was quite surprised with it, given how short notice it was. 

“I think Otmar is great, any person in that position, you’ve got to give them time. 

“And I think Otmar lacked time to really show his potential, which I know is huge.”

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Highlighting Szafnauer’s accomplishments with varying budgets across different teams, Perez conveyed his disappointment in Alpine’s decision to move on from the capable leader. 

Nonetheless, he also acknowledged the challenging nature of Formula 1 and the necessity of allowing time for new leadership to take effect.

In the realm of his personal performance, Perez’s journey came under scrutiny during the Belgian Grand Prix. 

Despite his recent podium finishes in Hungary and Belgium, Perez acknowledged his struggles in previous races where he failed to secure a top-three position, except for a third-place finish in Austria.

Addressing his recent form, Perez shared, “Yeah, I’ve certainly had a rough patch with the car and with my driving style. 

“I’ve been working on it. And you know, it’s no different to any other driver out there. 

“I think drivers, we go through these periods where we are just finding our sweet spot.”

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Recognising the ebb and flow of performance that drivers experience, Perez expressed his optimism for the rest of the season. 

He noted that the focus remains on the final standings in Abu Dhabi and emphasised his determination to steer his season back on track. 

Drawing from his experience, Perez affirmed that he and his team are making progress in the right direction.