Aston Martin reveal stance on misfiring Lance Stroll

While Fernando Alonso has stunned the Formula 1 paddock with multiple impressive podium finishes, Lance Stroll has struggled to match his teammate.

Aston Martin’s team principal Mike Krack has come to the defence of Lance Stroll amidst the Canadian driver’s lacklustre performance during the opening half of the 2023 Formula 1 season. 

Krack contends that Stroll’s unfortunate outcomes are rooted in factors beyond his control, particularly pointing out a pre-season cycling accident that left him with broken bones. 

“Lance showed what a fighter he is when he jumped back in the car with broken wrists and a broken toe,” Krack stated during a mid-season interview published on the Aston Martin website. 

Krack also attributed Stroll’s resilience to be a morale booster for the entire team, setting a positive tone moving forward.

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Stroll faced a challenging first half of the season, with his best result being a fourth-place finish in Melbourne. 

Adding to his struggles, he entered the F1 summer break with a considerable 102-point gap between him and his teammate Fernando Alonso in the Drivers’ standings. 

This underperformance has led to speculation regarding Stroll’s standing within the team, particularly in relation to his father, Lawrence Stroll, the owner of Aston Martin’s F1 team.

Addressing these concerns, Krack highlighted the role of misfortune that plagued Stroll’s races. 

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“Lance hasn’t had a lot of luck this year: aside from his broken bones, a few things have gone against him that really weren’t his fault,” Krack pointed out. 

While the championship standings might tell one story, Krack emphasised that the internal dynamics of the team offer a deeper understanding of the challenges Stroll has faced.

On the other end of the spectrum, Fernando Alonso’s exceptional performance has garnered praise from Krack. 

The two-time world champion’s debut campaign with Aston Martin has been nothing short of impressive, amassing six podium finishes in the first half of the season. 

Krack singled out Alonso’s performance during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend as a standout moment for the team. 

“With Fernando in Monaco, it wasn’t the performance on track, it was the commitment, the desire, the total focus,” Krack stated. 

He further emphasised the positive impact Alonso has had on the team’s dynamic and overall progress.

Krack lauded Alonso’s integration into the team, highlighting his ability to provide constructive feedback and challenge the status quo when necessary. 

“He’s been exactly what we needed him to be: constructive when you have to be constructive; challenging when you have to be challenging,” Krack explained.

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He acknowledged the balance Alonso has struck in pushing the team forward while maintaining a collaborative approach.

While the mid-season results paint a complex picture for Aston Martin, Krack expressed optimism about the team’s future. 

“I’m not going to make a prediction about his 33rd victory, but we are incredibly determined to do everything we can to make it happen,” Krack affirmed, referring to Alonso’s potential upcoming victory.