Sergio Perez blames Red Bull on Max Verstappen dominating him

Sergio Perez has reflected on Max Verstappen’s dominant season, as the Mexican fights to secure his spot alongside the Dutchman.

Sergio Perez has revealed the challenges he faced this season due to the development of the formidable RB19 car, which seemed to favour his teammate Max Verstappen. 

As the campaign kicked off, Perez displayed strength by clinching victory in two of the initial four grands prix, positioning himself just six points behind Verstappen in the drivers’ championship standings. 

However, Perez’s standing has since transformed into that of an onlooker, watching Verstappen’s pursuit of a third F1 championship.

Approaching his home Dutch Grand Prix with a streak of eight consecutive wins, Verstappen eyes the opportunity to match Sebastian Vettel’s record of nine consecutive victories, a feat that resonates with his adoring “Orange Army.”

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Perez, on the other hand, has experienced a significant decline, finding himself trailing Verstappen by 125 points. 

He acknowledged that the car’s development had pushed him into an uncomfortable position, remarking, “As the car developed, I struggled a little bit more.” 

Adapting his driving style became essential, as the car’s changes demanded it.

Describing this transition, Perez shared, “Things were not coming naturally anymore, and I had to go very deep on my driving style, adapt to it [the car] quite a bit, and change it [his style] because the car has simply changed.” 

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The disparity in performance has been evident, with Verstappen harnessing the car’s potential and dominating the title race.

Perez expressed his candid feelings about the situation, conceding that witnessing Verstappen’s success while driving the same car hasn’t been easy for him. 

He emphasised the importance of utilising the car’s potential while acknowledging the rarity of having such a competitive machine.

Reflecting on his journey, Perez emphasised that adjusting his driving style wasn’t a straightforward task, especially following his victories in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan. 

The limited practice time in Formula 1 compounds this challenge, leaving drivers locked into a particular approach for the weekend.

The evolution of the RB19 car has played a pivotal role in Perez’s adaptation. 

Describing the change in the car’s behaviour from the start of the season to the present, 

Perez highlighted issues with its responsiveness in medium and high-speed scenarios. Challenging conditions further eroded his confidence.

Nonetheless, Perez remains resolute and welcomes the challenge. 

His approach contrasts with that of Verstappen, who favours a sharper, more responsive car. 

The car’s development, seemingly tailored to Verstappen’s preferences, is seen by some observers as a contributing factor to the disparity between the two drivers.

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When asked whether Red Bull had skewed their car’s development in Verstappen’s favour, Perez acknowledged the team’s pursuit of speed. 

He explained, “At the end of the day, the team is trying to make the fastest car. 

“Sometimes the development suits one style better than the other. That’s just how it works.”