Sebastian Vettel went ‘ballistic’ at British GP organisers

Sebastian Vettel went "ballistic" at organisers of the British Grand Prix, it has now been revealed.

Two-time British Touring Car Champion Jason Plato has recently revealed a story regarding Sebastian Vettel, and how he went “ballistic” at Silverstone for posting something of him on social media.

Despite the world we live in which seemingly relies on social media, Vettel has rarely gotten heavily involved in it.

In fact, the four-time World Champion only made an Instagram account last year to announce his retirement from Formula 1, ahead of the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Even in his retirement post though, the German uploaded a video of him speaking, rather than a conventional image with a caption.

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His focus has been on his family and raising awareness for the environment, something he attempted to do during his last few years in F1.

Back in 2019 when Vettel was still racing for Ferrari, the German was keen on helping the British Grand Prix organisers clean up, something he’s done at other races as well.

However, Vettel had one condition, he didn’t want Silverstone to post anything on social media regarding him helping de-litter the circuit.

The German turned up on the Monday after the race with a pack of bin liners, ready to help the clean up get underway.

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According to Plato, the retired F1 driver went “ballistic” with the circuit when he discovered that he had been put on social media by the circuit cleaning the circuit.

Plato added that it showed the type of person Vettel is, as he simply wanted to “quietly” help out without it becoming a huge deal on social media.

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“It was Seb’s idea and he said ‘I want to help clear up’,” Plato said on the Fuelling Around podcast that he co-hosts alongside ex-Radio One broadcaster ‘Comedy’ Dave Vitty.

“On the Monday he went with bin liners and cleaned up all of the grandstands. And do you know what? His only request was ‘I don’t want this put on social media’. Silverstone actually broke that trust and did put something out and he went ballistic.

“That’s really interesting because that’s the character of the man. He just wanted to do something quietly, for himself, and that’s unusual in the crazy world of motorsport.”