Sebastian Vettel suggests he could return to Formula 1 after 6 months

Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement ahead of last season's Hungarian Grand Prix, but he has hinted at a return to F1.

Retired four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he could potentially return to Formula 1, should he start to “go crazy” with the urge to race once again.

The popular German retired at the end of last season after a disappointing two-year spell at Aston Martin, where the Silverstone-based side were a lower-midfield team.

Of course, they’ve dramatically turned things around this season and are now frontrunners, with many having questioned whether Vettel now regrets leaving.

Whilst the 35-year-old admits it’s “a bit strange” seeing the team and Fernando Alonso performing as well as they are, he’s ultimately incredibly pleased to see his former side towards the front.

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“But it is outweighed by the joy I have for the team that they have such a better car,” Vettel said.

“Of course it’s a lot more fun than if you try very hard and then nothing or nothing much comes out of it.”

Vettel remains adamant that he made the right choice to leave the sport and that he’s currently “doing well”, although, he knows that could change with time.

“If I was already regretting it, the decision wouldn’t have been so good,” Vettel said.

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“At the moment I’m doing well, although I don’t know how it will look in six months. This is part of the journey of discovery that awaits me.”

For the time being Vettel is doing what he said he would and is enjoying quality time with his family, who he took on a Scandinavian road trip.

“We took the bus to the Race of Champions,” he said. “We took our time for a nice, long round trip.

“Since then we’ve been enjoying our – until now – new everyday life at home with the children. Everything that was left behind in recent years has been caught up.

“I’m also collecting a lot of new ideas for the future.”

No matter how much time he spends with his family, though, the idea of returning to the pinnacle of motorsport is still something that is clearly in the back of the German’s mind.

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Vettel recognises that “everything is possible” and that he could push for a return, but that at the same time he may develop other passions aware from racing.

“Everything is possible at the moment,” Vettel admitted. “It can go in all different possible directions.

“It’s possible that in six months I’ll be going crazy on the couch and wanting to drive again. But it could also be that my passion turns in a completely different direction and I put all my experience into another project.”