Sebastian Vettel returns to Formula 1

Formula 1 legend Sebastian Vettel has been seen in the paddock at the Monaco Grand Prix, returning for the first time since his retirement.

Sebastian Vettel has returned to the Formula 1 paddock for the first time after he retired from the grid following a 15-year career in the sport, appearing at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Vettel had a strong record at Monaco, securing five podiums and 2 victories in the principality during his career, with his latest top three finish at the 2019 race.

While Vettel had been linked with a possible return to the driving seat at the Bahrain Grand Prix after Lance Stroll suffered an injury cycling, the German chose to remain on holiday, letting Felipe Drugovich step up.

Vettel has been enjoying his time outside of Formula 1, partnering Mick Schumacher at the Race of Champions for Team Germany in Sweden in January.

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It wasn’t initially clear why Vettel was in the paddock and pitlane at the iconic Grand Prix but it was claimed that he had arrived at the event to meet with Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

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Prior to Vettel’s sighting, his father, Norbert Vettel, was seen in Aston Martin’s hospitality area in the principality, sparking speculation it could be linked to a conversation over the German’s possible return to the grid.

Vettel’s popularity in Formula 1 was reflected in the adoration he received from teams and fans alike after he was spotted at the event, with Aston Martin sharing an image of their former driver in the team garage.

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While he isn’t expected to get back in the driving seat for a Formula 1 race anytime soon, Vettel is set to drive a series of classic cars at the Goodwood Festival of Speed between 13-16 July.