Sebastian Vettel on Fernando Alonso jealousy

Former F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel has opened up about life after racing in his first year on the sidelines since joining the sport.

As the Formula 1 season progresses without his presence on the grid for the first time in years, four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has shared his perspective on watching from the sidelines. 

In an interview with The Red Bulletin, the German driver reveals his sentiments regarding the ongoing season and his former team, Aston Martin Racing.

The absence of Sebastian Vettel from the 2023 grid marks a significant change for both the racing scene and the driver himself. 

After parting ways with Aston Martin Racing last year, Vettel hung up his racing helmet. 

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Despite his exit, Vettel maintains a keen interest in the sport, closely following the races. 

“Very much so! The first race was a bit strange, but now I enjoy watching it. 

“I know the sport inside out, I still love it. 

“Maybe I see certain things differently, but I don’t have the feeling of sadness when I watch the ex-colleagues, not at all,” Vettel remarked.

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Reflecting on his two-year tenure with Aston Martin, Vettel acknowledges the highs and lows he experienced with the team. 

While he secured a podium finish in the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, he recognises that luck might have played a role. 

Aston Martin’s overall performance during his time with them was modest, with two seventh-place finishes in the constructors’ world championship.

In the current season, Vettel’s successor, Fernando Alonso, has already achieved six podium finishes aboard the AMR23. 

Despite the impressive performance, Vettel expresses genuine happiness for his former team and colleagues. 

“The first reaction from many people was: the fact that the Aston Martin is so fast this season must be getting to you by now, right? 

“OK, maybe it would be easier if the car was totally worthless, in the sense of: I’m not missing anything anyway. 

“But no, I’m mostly happy for the team. And I’m happy for Fernando Alonso. 

“For years he didn’t have a car in which he could show off his driving skills. 

“Now he can and he is at the front,” Vettel shares.

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Vettel’s positive sentiment extends beyond his former team, as he cheers for the successes of Red Bull Racing, a team with which he shares close connections. 

“Red Bull Racing dominates and I still have a lot of friends and acquaintances there. 

“I am very happy when they win,” Vettel adds, showcasing his enduring camaraderie with the team.