Sebastian Vettel: Grosjean Surviving Crash Is My Highlight Of The Year

Sebastian Vettel said Romain Grosjean “was incredibly lucky” to survive the horrific crash he had in Bahrain.

Sebastian Vettel speaks about Romain Grosjean's fiery crash at Bahrain GP -

Romain Grosjean’s fiery crash on the opening lap of the Bahrain GP was one of the most dramatic shunts of modern F1.

In addition to the blaze, Grosjean’s Haas F1 car split in half after the front end of it pierced through the guard rail – and it’s almost certain that the halo structure saved his life.

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Looking back at the 2020 F1 season, Sebastian Vettel has said the Frenchman surviving the horrific crash was definitely the highlight of the year for him.

“For me, it is still a mystery how Romain managed to survive this accident and at the same time he didn’t sustain serious injuries,” Vettel said.

“The fact that he’s still with us, that he’s alive, is definitely the highlight of the year for me.

“What do I think this? Well, considering what happened, I think Romain was incredibly lucky.

“I think everyone should really realise that driving at such speeds we will always take risks.

“And that this accident can in no case be considered proof of the absolute safety of the car,” the four-time World Champion, who will drive for Aston Martin Racing next year, added.

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Grosjean escaped the shunt with burns to his hands, but the injuries he sustained nevertheless forced him to miss the final two grand prix of the season and thus cut his F1 career short.

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