67% Of F1 Fans Want Haas To Keep Nikita Mazepin If It Saves Jobs

Nikita Mazepin is currently the F1 community’s public enemy number one after he groped an Instagram model in Dubai earlier this month.

Nikita Mazepin Haas 2021

67 percent of F1 fans believe that Haas made the right decision by keeping Nikita Mazepin, provided that the funding that comes with the Russian driver keeps the American racing outfit afloat and saves hundred of jobs.

29 percent of respondents to the poll, which was conducted by Formula1News.co.uk and asked 1,582 readers for their thoughts on the ongoing controversy, want the team to drop the Russian racing driver even if it would mean the team would go bust.

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Four percent of respondents were undecided on what they think is the most appropriate course of action.

Why Is Nikita Mazepin In Hot Water?

Nikita Mazepin triggered outrage earlier this month after he groped an Instagram model’s breasts and posted a video of the incident onto social media.

The Haas F1 Team quickly issued a statement condemning the “abhorrent” incident and said the matter would be dealt with internally.

Meanwhile, Mazepin issued an apology on social media for his conduct, but the tweet was deleted a few days later, before all of his tweets vanished as well.

Last week, Haas confirmed that Mazepin will still be racing for them next year despite his actions and mounting pressure from the F1 community on social media.

F1 fans are continuing to campaign for the Russian to be dropped by Haas, with many still critcising the driver and the team on social media and a petition securing over 45,000 signatures.

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The disgraced racing driver’s father, Russian billionaire Dmitry Mazepin, is reportedly providing the Haas F1 Team with roughly $20 million per year in exchange for his son being given a seat with the team alongside Mick Schumacher.

Earlier, a journalist warned that he believes the Haas F1 Team could end up bankrupt without Dmitry’s backing – and that’s why they opted to retain Nikita Mazepin in spite of his recent conduct.

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