Sebastian Vettel admits he’s ready to replace Lewis Hamilton

Vettel confirmed this interaction, noting their conversation came after Hamilton's announcement about moving to Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel has not dismissed the possibility of returning to Formula 1 following the news of Lewis Hamilton’s surprising move to Ferrari in 2025.

This announcement left the motorsport community in shock, as Hamilton, who has clinched six of his seven World Championships with Mercedes, prepares for his final season with the team before making the switch.

The departure of Hamilton opens up a significant gap at Mercedes, leading to speculation about potential candidates to fill the position, with Vettel, a victor of 53 grand prix, being a prime contender.

In the wake of Hamilton’s revelation, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team boss, admitted to being in “regular contact” with Vettel, though he specified their discussions did not pertain to racing opportunities with Mercedes.

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Vettel confirmed this interaction, noting their conversation came after Hamilton’s announcement about moving to Ferrari but emphasized that he has “no active plans” to pursue a comeback with Mercedes at this moment.

“I was surprised by this change,” Vettel remarked, indicating his openness to future possibilities in F1, though he currently has no immediate plans to return.

Despite stepping away from F1 after the 2022 season, Vettel shared that his time off the track has been enlightening, providing him with valuable insights into himself and sparking contemplation about his future in the sport.

Vettel has also kept his connection with F1 alive by watching races, including the 2023 season opener in Bahrain, alongside his wife.

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This has allowed him to view the sport from a different perspective, one that has surprisingly resonated with him and even enhanced his wife’s understanding of F1.

Despite his hiatus from active racing and his initial intention to distance himself from the sport, Vettel’s continued interest and engagement with F1 suggest that the door for a potential return remains ajar.

His final stint in F1 was with Aston Martin, handing over his seat to Fernando Alonso in 2023, yet the possibility of Vettel’s return to the grid continues to captivate fans and pundits alike.