Schumacher family confirm legal action

Michael Schumacher suffered severe head injuries following a horrific skiing accident in December 2013.

A representative of Michael Schumacher’s family has informed ESPN that they are pursuing legal action against German gossip magazine Yet Die Aktuelle, after they published a fake AI generated ‘exclusive’ interview supposedly with the seven-time World Champion.

The truly embarrassing and vile piece has been heavily criticised in Germany and across the world, with the magazine having advertised the ‘interview’ with the headline: “Michael Schumacher, The First Interview, World Sensation”.

Schumacher hasn’t been seen or heard from in person since his horrific skiing accident in December 2013, which left him with severe head injuries.

Out of respect for him and his family, the media have very much respected Schumacher’s privacy, with that having been a wish of the family.

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The German magazine’s ‘interview’ exploits everything that has been requested by the family, with the so-called ‘exclusive’ having been created using an AI chatbot, similar to the likes of ChatGPT.

Underneath the headline on the front page read “It sounds deceptively real” in small print, just to add to the cheek of it all.

The Schumacher family fully intend to sue the publication, with the magazine having also written that the interview includes: “No meagre, nebulous half-sentences from friends. But answers from him! By Michael Schumacher, 54!”

Schumacher, of course, is regarded by many as the greatest F1 driver of all-time, with the 91-time race winner having beaten several fellow greats on his way to claiming his seven titles.

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His F1 career started with an emphatic debut for the Jordan F1 Team at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, before being signed by Benetton for the following race.

He remained at Benetton until the end of the 1995 season, after claiming two titles for the side.

Schumacher left Benetton, of course, to join Ferrari in 1996, with the German having remained at Maranello until the end of the 2006 season, where he retired for the first time.

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To this day he is still Ferrari’s most successful driver, with former team principal Jean Todt being one of a selected few who continue to see the driver in person.

Todt is usually the one to share updates on his condition, with him having even revealed that himself and Schumacher have watched a race together.

Schumacher returned to F1 in 2010 with Mercedes, before fully retiring from F1 at the end of 2012.