Saudi Prince comments on plans to launch Formula 1 team amid other bids

Prospective new F1 teams have until April 30 to submit their Expressions of Interest document to the FIA.

According to, a fourth contender has entered the race to join the Formula 1 grid from 2025, putting pressure on the likes of HiTech and Panthera.

Following the FIA’s announcement that they were open to applications from prospective new F1 teams, four parties are believed to have shown an interest in joining the grid; however, only two new sides are set to be given the greenlight.

Any prospective side has until April 30 to submit their Expressions of Interest document to the FIA, with Andretti currently looking like the most complete new team.

The Americans have already announced a partnership with Cadillac for their F1 entry, with the company being a division of General Motors.

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That alone is more progress than any other prospective side, with Andretti having also signed former Renault/Alpine technical director Nick Chester, with the Americans already designing a chassis for a 2026 entry.

If Andretti aren’t awarded one of the slots on the grid, then it will be one of the biggest shocks in the modern history of the sport, given that FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has publicly supported them.

With that in mind, Panthera and HiTech are seemingly set to battle for the final garage on the grid; however, it’s been revealed that a fourth contender has entered the frame.

RacingNews365 have revealed that a Swiss-based project led by Craig Pollock, the founder of British American Racing, is attempting to get a team onto the grid.

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The plan is for the team to have the same number of men and women, whilst representing equality, diversity and inclusion, with their being the possibility of a female driver as well.

Reportedly, the prospective entry is being backed by key Saudi Arabian figures, who want a team in the paddock to represent the Middle Eastern nation.

Prince Khalid, President of the Saudi Motorsport Federation, has revealed that talks are still “in the very early stages” but that “we have a lot of interest” in joining the grid.

“It’s still in the very early stages,” the Prince admitted to, adding, “there are lots of feasibility studies, there’s a lot of things we still need to do and consider. Now things are a lot easier to enter Formula 1, but there’s a lot to do before we take the final decision.

“Hopefully we can sort a lot of things soon and not later, because to enter Formula 1 later will cost a lot more. We are looking closely, and we have a lot of interest.”

The Prince didn’t confirm or deny, though, if the links between Saudi Arabia and Pollock’s potential entry are true.

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One thing that is for certain is that Saudi Arabia want a “bigger role in Formula 1”, with the Kingdom having set it as a “goal not just to host events”.

During a media conference the Prince said: “Turning motorsport into a profitable business,” in the country, adding, “It’s our goal to bring the knowhow, experience and expertise [to Saudi Arabia]; its our goal not just to host events.

“We want to have a bigger role in Formula 1, we want a Saudi team hopefully, one day in the near future we want to have Saudi mechanics, maybe we can start manufacturing cars here, maybe move some of the [team] headquarters to Saudi.”