Sainz: ‘Netflix went probably a step too far with Lando and me’

Carlos Sainz admits that Netflix went over the limit during their coverage of his McLaren partnership with Lando Norris.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz believes that Netflix need to learn from the feedback they have received regarding their over-dramatisation of Formula 1, but maintains that the presence of Drive to Survive is still good for the sport.

Netflix came under criticism last year when they attempted to show Lando Norris and Sainz as personal rivals at McLaren, but most fans who were familiar with F1 before the arrival of Netflix’s camera crews were aware that such a conflict did not exist.

They were also denounced for the coverage of an interview Norris gave when asked about the struggles of his now McLaren teammate Daniel Ricciardo, affirming that he has “no sympathy” after the 32-year-old’s stuttering start to life at the Woking team.

Sainz believes that Netflix went over the line regarding his two-year partnership with his good friend Norris.

“I think in the case of Lando and I, I think it was pushed a bit too far and even all the fans that know Formula 1, that is a lot, realised that Netflix went probably a step too far with Lando and me,” he said, as quoted by GPFans.

However, he is adamant that the docuseries makers can rectify that proclivity, and that the show, having helped F1 reach multiple new demographics, still serves a purpose to the pinnacle of motorsport.

“But I do believe that Netflix know it and they are capable of correcting their judging mistakes and they will adapt and maybe make it a bit more realistic in that sense,” he added.

“But even with that mistake, I still believe that Netflix is good for the sport.

“I still believe Netflix is a good thing for myself and for the brand of Formula 1 and I’m going to still be featured in it if they want me to be in it.”

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Sainz will continue to line up alongside Charles Leclerc at Ferrari this year, while Norris and Ricciardo partner each other for the second year running in the 2022 season that commences this weekend in Bahrain.