Romain Grosjean speaks out on F1 return with Andretti

Romain Grosjean's final F1 race was the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, where his Haas turned into a fireball after spearing through a barrier.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean has refused to rule out a return to the pinnacle of motorsport with Andretti, with the Frenchman currently driving for the American team in IndyCar.

A return to F1 is certainly something Grosjean perhaps never considered, given the circumstances that ended his time at Haas.

Whilst he was going to be dropped at the end of the 2020 season regardless, Grosjean’s F1 career was cut a couple of rounds short following his terrifying fireball crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix, where his Haas speared through a metal barrier.

Since recovering from his injuries, Grosjean has been enjoying life across the pond, in the highly competitive IndyCar series.

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The Frenchman impressed in his rookie season and was signed by Andretti for 2022, the team he will drive for once again in the forthcoming season.

Interestingly, Grosjean never planned to move to America or even race in the American single-seater series, something he told his wife he’d never do.

With that in mind, he’s learnt not to ever rule out another future switch, with his name having been brought up in regard to Andretti-Cadillac’s F1 bid.

It’s looking increasingly likely that Andretti-Cadillac will be on the F1 grid come 2026 with their own new team, with many suggesting that Grosjean would be an excellent driver to help them learn the ropes.

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Grosjean’s Andretti team-mate Colton Herta will all but certainly be one of the drivers, given that the team wants an American driver.

However, an experienced F1 driver alongside Herta could work very well, with Fernando Alonso having also been linked.

With 179 starts to his name, Grosjean is certainly an experienced F1 driver, so could he be an option for Andretti in 2026?

“One thing I learned last year is to never say never,” the Frenchman told GQ.

“I told my wife I would never live in the US and I would never race in a US series and I would never do the Indy 500, and I’ve done the three of them.

“So I think it’s just: You never know what the future is like.”

For the time being, Grosjean is simply enjoying what he’s doing in IndyCar and in the IMSA, where he’s driving a Lamborghini at the endurance rounds.

He’s certainly keeping an eye on Formula 1 and is aware that Andretti “would have a lot of work” to do should they make F1, but that a return isn’t off the cards.

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“Now, I enjoy being in IndyCar. I enjoy being able to do Lamborghini IMSA for the endurance races. It’s the right balance for me,” Grosjean said.

“For sure, F1 stays the pinnacle of motorsport. So yes, if it was a team to win, yes. For sure, Andretti would have a lot of work if they make it F1, just the way Haas was.

“Right now I would say I prefer to stay in IndyCar, but again, you never know. When things are done and concrete and in front of you, sometimes your mind changes.”