Revealed: Max Verstappen owns rival team’s car

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was named GQ Magazine's 2022 athlete of the year.

Max Verstappen has claimed glory in multiple areas of life in 2022, with the Dutchman having claimed the 2022 F1 Drivers’ World Championship, played his part in Red Bull claiming the Constructors’ World Championship, and has now been awarded with GQ Magazine’s athlete of the year award, not a bad collection!

That collection of awards from 2022, though, is seemingly nothing compared to his garage back home, where his rapidly growing car collection is taking some serious shape.

Given that he is still only 25 years old, perhaps the likes of Lewis Hamilton could teach him a thing or two about car collections, even though, the Brit is reducing the number he owns.

Verstappen’s collection has a fascinating variation of manufacturers, suggesting that the days of drivers only being allowed to own cars made by their team are long gone.

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Michael Schumacher is reported to have owned a Porsche despite having been contracted by Ferrari to only own cars made by the FIAT group, something that has resulted in his management team denying that the seven-time World Champion ever owned the German-made vehicle.

Red Bull’s star driver boasts a collection of cars which involves four manufacturers, according to GQ Magazine.

Starting off with the most bizarre vehicle in his collection, the Ferrari Monza SP2.

Despite his side being rivals with the Italians, Verstappen appears to keep the rivalry on-track, given that he owns a £1.4 million Ferrari, of which only 499 were made.

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Whether the Scuderia will be happy that one sits in the double World Champion’s garage is another matter; however, the 808bhp beast, which does 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds is an understandable addition to his collection.

Another surprising purchase of the Dutchman’s is a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which he bought after winning the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix, whilst just 18 years old!

Perhaps he’d have more Porsche’s in his garage if the company’s deal with Red Bull for 2026 went through, but for now he’ll have to settle for the one.

Unsurprisingly, the bulk of his collection comes as a result of Red Bull’s previous partnership with Aston Martin, resulting in the Dutch driver having owned four of the British manufacturer’s cars.

Verstappen owned a DB11, a Vantage, a DBS Superleggera and most notably a Valkyrie, which was, of course, designed with the help of Red Bull’s famous chief technology officer Adrian Newey.

According to reports, Verstappen traded in the DB11 for the Vantage, before doing the same for the DBS Superleggera.

However, Verstappen supposedly returned the DBS Superleggera after clocking just over 1200 miles.

The Valkyrie is by far the most outlandish and technically unbelievable car that he’s owned, especially as he called it “a formula one car on the road. It’s as close as you can get.”

The car is capable of an astonishing 1160bhp, through its naturally aspirated 6.5 litre V12, in other words, it’s juicy!

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Perhaps it’s not the best car to own in the UK currently based on that; however, that’s probably less of an issue when you’re one of the highest paid drivers in Formula 1.

The final car in his collection is not what you’d expect, as the Dutchman owns a Renault R.S.0.1. Verstappen came across the car during Renault’s days of producing power units for the Austrians, a partnership that ended in 2018.

The car originally was designed to have its own motorsport series, but the championship ended after two years before the car was homologated to race in GT3.