Revealed: Jules Bianchi’s role in Charles Leclerc’s career

Jules Bianchi and Charles Leclerc were good friends prior to the French driver's unfortunate death.

It’s been revealed by Charles Leclerc’s manager, Nicolas Todt, that he became aware of the Ferrari driver through the late Jules Bianchi, who sadly died following a crash in the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

Bianchi was destined for greatness in Formula 1 and had already shown how much talent he had, despite having only driver for Manor.

However, he was placed in an induced coma following a crash at a treacherously wet Suzuka.

Bianchi sadly passed away as a result of his injuries nine months after the accident, sending a shockwave through the F1 paddock.

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Had it not been for his accident, then Bianchi would’ve almost certainly gone on to have enjoyed a career with Ferrari, where Leclerc has raced since 2019.

As it turns out, Bianchi was very good friends with Leclerc’s brother, Lorenzo, which made him aware of the 25-year-old.

Todt was also helping Bianchi at the time and was told by the Frenchman to go meet Leclerc, who was in go-karts at that moment.

The rest is history, as Todt became Leclerc’s manager and guided him to where he is today.

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“It would be a lie to say when I first saw him, and I knew that he would be the one. All that started from my personal relationship with Jules,” Todt said on the Track Limits podcast.

“For information, Jules’ best friend was Charles’ [Leclerc] older brother Lorenzo. They were very close, and very early, Jules became the racing godfather of Charles.”

Todt added: “While I was helping Jules, I think he was in World Series or GP2 at the time. He told me I have the younger brother of Lorenzo racing go-karts. He’s very good.

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“He doesn’t have the budget to go higher than what he is doing in karting. I think that you should meet him and help him because he’s worth watching.

“My first reaction was to say yes, I’d love to meet him out of friendship for you, Jules. I will do it because you are my friend. The first time I met him was with his dad.

“I knew he was a good karting driver, but didn’t know he would become vice world champion in 2022 and have everything it takes to become world champion,” Todt recalled.