Renault Doubts It Will Supply Engines To Red Bull Again

The French car-maker will lose its only customer team next year as Mclaren will be switching to Mercedes engines.

Renault is only interested in supplying other Formula One teams with its power unit for 2021 and beyond if they will serve as a “partner” of the French manufacturer, not just a customer.

Team principal Cyril Abiteboul made the remarks just days after it was announced that Renault’s F1 team will be rebranded Alpine next year.

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“It has to be more of a partner team than a customer team. A customer brings you nothing.

“A partner maybe can bring you some value, the value being in particular that it can help you in reaching a sporting objective or business objective,” he added.

Continuing, Abiteboul said, “We know that the [financial] transaction is regulated anyway, so it’s mainly from a sporting and technical perspective that we would look at the opportunity.”

Asked whether or not he could see them supplying power units to Red Bull Racing once again, Abiteboul expressed his doubts that there would be scope for such partnership with the team in the near future.

“We have a long-term commitment in the sport and now that we secured the future we can think what we want to do from a customer or partnership perspective.

“If there is a strong partnership opportunity we will do it. I have doubt that it could be with Red Bull,” he concluded.

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