Red Bull’s huge advantage revealed

Mercedes are expected to introduce upgraded suspension this weekend as part of their new concept.

As Formula 1 approaches the iconic Monaco Grand Prix, Red Bull head to the Circuit de Monaco with a sizeable 122-point advantage over their nearest rivals, with the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes being left scratching their heads over the size of their deficit.

Red Bull have been monstrous since the start of the new aerodynamic regulations, with the Austrians having seemingly gathered a better understanding of the new regs than their competitors.

Whilst the Milton Keynes-based side were hugely impressive last season, they’ve further raised their game this campaign, with Red Bull having claimed four 1-2 finishes from the opening five races.

Their superior straight-line speed and mesmerising DRS system has made defeating them near impossible, a lesson Ferrari and Mercedes have learnt the hard way.

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F1 Nation host Tom Clarkson, though, believes there is another area where the Austrians are superior, with Mercedes and Ferrari having perhaps discovered what it is.

Chief technical officer Adrian Newey has spent an incredible amount of time focusing on the RB19’s suspension, with the leader’s being able to run incredibly low but without the woes of porpoising.

As seen last season, when Ferrari and Mercedes lowered their cars, they were seen to bounce when at high speed, an issue Red Bull have never had.

Clarkson believes Red Bull’s impressive performance is coming from their suspension, with that perhaps being where their rivals need to start making improvements.

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“I maintain that Adrian Newey spending more time focused on the suspension of this year’s Red Bull is such a hugely significant bit of intel. That’s where the performance is,” the F1 nation host said.

“It’s all about maintaining a smooth ride height as low as possible with these cars. Red Bull have nailed it – no-one else has – and that is the difference in performance between the cars.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has been left stunned by his side’s advantage, with him having jokingly questioned “where are the others?” recently.

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Some saw this comment as being slightly egotistical; however, 1996 World Champion Damon Hill believes Horner is absolutely right with that he said.

 “Christian is someone who likes to rub salt in the wounds – he doesn’t tend to say things without knowing the impact of his words. But saying that everyone else has underperformed, he’s right,” Hill said.

“Red Bull, that team has produced an absolute peach of a car. They’ve exploited whatever loopholes there are in the regulations so that it’s a legal car that is beautifully put together. I was watching Max [Verstappen]in Miami drive that thing and thinking, ‘That guy can do anything with that car’. It’s so beautifully balanced. But everyone else has underperformed, he’s right.”