Red Bull urged to hire risky driver to replace Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez's Red Bull tenure is set to come to an end within the coming weeks, after a disappointing year for the Mexican.

Frits Van Amersfoort has passionately advocated for Liam Lawson to join the Red Bull Formula 1 team as Max Verstappen’s teammate for the 2024 season or even sooner. 

Lawson, who impressed during his brief stint as Daniel Ricciardo’s replacement at AlphaTauri, has garnered Van Amersfoort’s unwavering support and confidence.

Speaking on’s Paddock Chat podcast, Van Amersfoort expressed his belief in Lawson’s Formula 1 success, saying, “I did expect that, I thought he could do it because he is mentally well suited to it.” 

Van Amersfoort further emphasized Lawson’s readiness to step into a competitive role, stating, “I would dare to do that but my name is not Helmut, nor do I have the resources Helmut has at his disposal. 

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“But I would rather do that than someone who brings only history. Liam can only do well, in my opinion.”

Frits Van Amersfoort established his eponymous team in 1975, and over the years, they have become a significant presence in national and regional European racing, securing 17 championships during their illustrious history. 

Their entry into Formula 1 in 2022, participating in F2 and F3, has been marked by notable top 10 finishes in 2023, thanks to Richard Verschoor and Caio Collet’s exceptional performances.

While Lawson didn’t secure a championship during his solitary season with Van Amersfoort Racing, he impressed with a second-place finish in Germany. Subsequently, he earned an F3 seat with MP Motorsport. 

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His outstanding performance at AlphaTauri, where he outperformed Yuki Tsunoda 3-1 in races, only to see his season cut short by Ricciardo’s return, has elevated Lawson’s profile within the Formula 1 community.

Speculations abound about Lawson’s future in Formula 1. 

There are rumours of a potential move to Williams to fill the only officially unconfirmed seat for the 2024 season, while Sergio Perez’s position at Red Bull remains uncertain, despite his contract running for another season.

Although Lawson faced challenges in the F1 support bill, recording finishes of 11th, fifth, ninth, and third in two seasons of F3 and F2 respectively, he found success in other racing arenas. 

His journey included becoming the champion of the Toyota Racing Series, a prestigious championship that has acted as a stepping stone for talents like Lando Norris, Lance Stroll, and Robert Shwartzman.

Following an unsuccessful stint with Red Bull in F2, Lawson ventured into Super Formula for 2023. 

Remarkably, he is in contention to become only the second non-Japanese champion in over a decade. 

As a member of the Red Bull academy since 2019, Lawson has displayed his unwavering commitment to the sport.

Van Amersfoort, reflecting on Lawson’s journey, shared, “Liam stole my heart, I think that’s such a nice chap. 

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“He totally lives for the sport. I believe New Zealanders fit the motorsport picture perfectly, they’re like the people in motorsport in the 1970s and ’80s. 

“To achieve success in motorsport, they always have to go tremendously far away. 

“[Ayrton] Senna also had to leave beautiful, warm Brazil for rainy, dark England. They have to cross that barrier and make a lot of sacrifices.”