Red Bull to fire Helmut Marko before Sergio Perez

Senior figures in the Red Bull family are seeking a change to the long-standing structure, with Helmut Marko’s future in doubt.

Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, Helmut Marko, reportedly faces a pivotal moment in his association with the energy drink giant, with senior figures advocating for his departure. 

Long considered a stalwart within the Red Bull hierarchy, the shifting dynamics following the passing of Red Bull’s founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, have cast a shadow over Marko’s future.

Notably, the sporting CEO, Oliver Mintzlaff, is among those who have expressed a desire for a change in leadership, as has the team principal, Christian Horner. 

The recent controversy surrounding Marko, stemming from his use of xenophobic and inaccurate remarks to criticise Red Bull driver Sergio Perez, exacerbated the internal tensions within the organisation. 

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Marko was compelled to issue an apology, but the incident drew considerable attention to his role.

As an advisor to Red Bull GmbH, Marko’s position does not place him under the direct authority of Red Bull Racing, leading to a unique power dynamic. 

However, sources indicate that senior figures within the Red Bull company itself have grown impatient with Marko.

According to an article co-authored by former F1 driver Luciano Burti for the Brazilian outlet Globo, a significant meeting is on the horizon this week to determine the trajectory of Marko’s involvement with Red Bull.

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The escalating friction between Christian Horner and Helmut Marko has been further fuelled by Horner’s expanded role in overseeing the management of AlphaTauri, a task that had traditionally fallen under Marko’s purview. 

Horner’s involvement in decisions related to the sister team, including the appointment of CEO Peter Bayer and incoming team principal Laurent Mekies, has highlighted the shifting balance of influence within the Red Bull organization.

Another point of contention centres around the driver lineup for AlphaTauri. 

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Horner has expressed a desire to remove Yuki Tsunoda from the team, despite the substantial financial backing the Japanese driver brings through a partnership with Honda. 

Marko has cautioned against such a move, raising concerns about potential friction with Red Bull’s existing engine partners.

As the meeting to address Marko’s future approaches, sources suggest that the opposing sides are delineated by Marko, who has been a long-serving presence within the Red Bull family, and Horner and Mintzlaff, who are looking to steer the organisation in a different direction.