Red Bull stunned by its rivals

Red Bull have admitted that they have been shocked by their rivals.

Red Bull has expressed its bewilderment at how long rival teams have taken to comprehend why its DRS has given it such an advantage on the grid.

The Milton Keynes-based squad has enjoyed unparalleled success on the F1 grid this season.

Some of its most dazzling performances have come due to the huge advantage offered when the RB19’s DRS is open.

The Drag Reduction Service (DRS) is a controversial driver-controlled device that aids drivers in overtaking opponents.

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Both Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen have reaped the benefits of Red Bull’s superior DRS.

Opposing teams have closely examined the “clever trick” that allows Red Bull to deploy this speed boost.

Lewis Hamilton noted that this overtaking advantage appeared to have disappeared at the high-downforce Hungaroring track.

Now, there is a clearer understanding as to why the Austrian team’s DRS is so good,

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The key to its advantage is the ratio of drag between its rear wing and beam wing.

As the RB19 is so stable at the rear, the team can get away with using a far smaller beam wing.

This means that the rear wing contributes a larger share of its overall drag in a straight line.

Whenever the DRS is activated, it sheds a great deal more air resistance.

At circuits such as the Hungaroring, ultimate downforce plays a more important role than aero efficiency.

This is why Red Bull followed other teams in using a bigger beam wing – it gives much-needed performance benefits on corners.

Red Bull technical director Pierre Wache said that the team’s DRS was no “deep secret” and he was “surprised” at how long it had taken rival teams to notice it.

Wache said that his racing outfit has been using this system since the start of the latest ground effect era.

He said: “What is crazy is that the people speak about that two years after we introduced it.

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“[It means] they still don’t understand then. That very much surprises us.”

Other teams are now trying to replicate the Red Bull DRS system – but are already far behind.

McLaren team principal, Andrea Stella, remarked: “We are, I think all teams now, trying to see what is possible to exploit by developing this kind of direction.”