Red Bull share mercurial Max Verstappen retirement update

Helmut Marko claimed Max Verstappen doesn’t care about title records, racing simply for the love of the sport.

Max Verstappen secured his third Formula 1 World Championship title in 2023 with a second place finish in the Sprint race at Qatar. 

However, what sets Verstappen apart is his unique perspective on the sport, as he revealed that he is motivated by “fun” rather than the pursuit of titles. 

Verstappen clinched the championship in Qatar’s Sprint race, with six Grand Prix events still to go, further solidifying his status as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport. 

He celebrated his victory by winning the Qatar Grand Prix, reinforcing his claim as the best driver on the grid this season. 

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This remarkable win marked Verstappen’s 14th victory of the year, inching closer to his own record of 15 wins in a single season, set just last year.

The Dutchman’s success has raised questions about the duration of his dominance in Formula 1. 

Verstappen acknowledged that it largely depends on Red Bull Racing and the quality of the car they provide. 

He stated, “Depends a lot also on the package, right? 

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“That’s how Formula 1 works. Personally, I’m still young even though I’m already in F1 for a while. 

“Yeah, definitely, I have quite a few more years in me to be able to operate at my best.”

However, Verstappen added a compelling twist, emphasising that his longevity in the sport ultimately hinges on his own desire. 

He remarked, “To be honest, I think it’s more about how long I want to be here.

“That’s different.” 

This statement has sparked speculation that his current contract with Red Bull Racing, extending until 2028, could potentially be his last.

When Verstappen’s sentiments were presented to Red Bull Racing’s advisor, Helmut Marko, he shed light on the driver’s perspective. 

Marko asserted, “It only means that he will continue as long as he still has fun in Formula 1 and that he does not care how many titles it will ultimately be. 

“When he no longer enjoys it, he will leave. 

“That will be his decision. 

“He is a fantastic driver, but if he is no longer motivated, there is no point in continuing.”

Looking ahead to the next season, Marko emphasised the competitive nature of Formula 1, stating, “Formula 1 is an extremely competitive environment. 

“Next year will be a new season. 

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“With McLaren, you see how quickly things can change in Formula 1. 

“We, therefore, have to work hard to maintain our superior performance. 

“It is certainly not certain that we will be strong again next year.”