Red Bull reveal ‘most worrying situation’ involving Fernando Alonso

Max Verstappen has comprehensively dominated Sergio Perez this year, raising questions about the Mexican's future in Formula 1.

Red Bull’s Motorsport Advisor, Helmut Marko, has acknowledged the apprehension caused by Fernando Alonso’s presence as a potential threat to Max Verstappen’s triumph at the Dutch Grand Prix. 

The Zandvoort circuit witnessed a dramatic turn of events due to a torrential downpour and a crash involving Alfa Romeo’s Zhou Guanyu, resulting in a race suspension on lap 64. 

This led to a rolling restart and a thrilling six-lap dash to the finish, with Verstappen leading the pack and Alonso trailing closely in second place.

Throughout the race, Verstappen showcased the swiftest pace, yet the Dutchman encountered a tense moment as Alonso applied pressure during the restart. 

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Alonso managed to close the gap to within one second of Verstappen, prompting a gripping duel. 

Nonetheless, Verstappen’s adept tire management allowed him to pull away once his tires reached the optimal temperature, securing a popular victory on home soil.

Reflecting on the intense race, Marko shared his perspective with, stating, “This race was very stressful, at least for me, especially after the late restart with Fernando Alonso behind us.” 

Marko explained that Verstappen’s car requires slightly more time than Alonso’s Aston Martin to warm up the tires, potentially attributed to differences in tire pressures. He pointed out, “You could see that Alonso gave everything. 

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“At one point he was only six-tenths behind Max, so that was the most worrying situation for me on Sunday. 

“Then my heart rate went up. Anyway, Max kept that perfectly under control and once he got the Intermediate [tyres] up to temperature, he was able to control it again.”

Verstappen’s victory at the Dutch Grand Prix resulted in his ninth consecutive win, matching Sebastian Vettel’s record from 2013 achieved while driving for Red Bull. 

Comparing the two drivers, Marko praised Verstappen’s natural ease in handling pressure, even in high-profile situations. 

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Marko noted, “They are both great drivers, but Max is the new generation. 

“What strikes me most about Max, also compared to others, is that he does everything so easily.” 

Marko highlighted how Verstappen maintained composure even when interacting with royalty prior to the race, showcasing his calm demeanour under varying circumstances.