Max Verstappen reveals his ‘dream’ team-mate

Max Verstappen is set to have a new team-mate in 2024, as Sergio Perez continues to under-perform at Red Bull.

Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, has revealed that his dream Formula 1 team-mate would be none other than his father, Jos Verstappen. 

In a heartwarming interview ahead of securing his third consecutive Dutch Grand Prix pole position, Verstappen shared his admiration for his father’s impact on his motorsport career. 

He spoke openly about the profound influence that Jos Verstappen, who also raced in Formula 1 between 1994 and 2003, had on his journey to becoming a successful driver.

Throughout his career, Max Verstappen has consistently acknowledged the pivotal role his father played in shaping his approach to racing. 

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Despite Jos Verstappen’s own Formula 1 career not achieving the same heights as his son’s, he continues to support Max’s racing endeavours and is a familiar presence in the paddock during Grand Prix weekends.

In the interview, Verstappen highlighted his father’s significance as his ultimate dream team-mate: “For me personally, dream team, if I could choose and could bring people back to their normal racing age it would be my dad.” 

He further elaborated on the reasons behind his choice, recognising his father’s potential and the challenges he faced in his own career.

Reflecting on his father’s career, Verstappen praised Jos Verstappen’s insight into the importance of having the right support and guidance from a young age:

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“He knew what went wrong and he knew that it was very important to have the right people around you from a young age, to be guided in the right way and I think that’s what he did with me.” 

Max Verstappen’s success is a testament to the preparation and professionalism instilled in him by his father, helping him navigate various scenarios in his racing journey.

By leveraging the experiences and lessons from his father’s career, Verstappen has crafted a path marked by strategic choices and skilful driving. 

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He emphasised the vital role his father played in ensuring he was well-prepared to face challenges that arise in the competitive world of Formula 1.

Verstappen’s choice of his father as his dream team-mate underscores the deep bond between the two and the unique understanding they share about the intricacies of motorsport. 

It also sheds light on the significant impact that parental guidance and mentorship can have on shaping the careers of aspiring young drivers.