Red Bull reveal how they stopped Adrian Newey from joining Ferrari at the last minute

Ferrari have made no secret of their efforts to secure top tier talent from across the paddock, as they look to build a formidable team.

In a surprising revelation, Red Bull’s key advisor Dr Helmut Marko has confirmed the longstanding rumours that Ferrari had made multiple offers to renowned technical mastermind Adrian Newey over the years.

The 64-year-old, responsible for shaping some of the sport’s most successful cars, even reached an agreement with Ferrari at one point, according to the Red Bull advisor.

Speaking to Swiss newspaper Blick, Marko disclosed that there was a moment when Luca di Montezemolo, the former chairman of Ferrari, was already celebrating in the paddock, eager to announce the deal with Newey. 

However, a dramatic turn of events occurred lead to a change of heart by Newey.

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“(Luca di) Montezemolo was already cheering in the paddock and wanted to announce the deal,”, Marko said.

“But during the night we were able to change Newey’s mind.”

The exact details of what prompted Newey’s change of mind remain undisclosed.

Ferrari, not one to shy away from pursuing top talent, also made a serious attempt to entice Christian Horner, the fiercely loyal and long-serving team principal of Red Bull Racing, to join their ranks.

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Marko further divulged that this bid occurred just last year when Ferrari was actively searching for a replacement for their team principal, Mattia Binotto.

Marko admitted that it took a tough negotiation to convince Horner to remain at Red Bull, successfully persuading him to decline Ferrari’s enticing offer. 

The effort, however, came at a high cost to Red Bull, with Marko stating that it amounted to millions more than initially anticipated.

“It took me another whole night to convince Horner to stay at Red Bull,” he said. “And it cost us millions more.”

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The revelations regarding Ferrari’s pursuit of both Newey and Horner shed light on the Italian team’s persistent quest to secure top-notch talent to bolster their Formula 1 endeavours.

While the details of these negotiations may remain shrouded in secrecy, it serves as a testament to the esteemed reputation of Newey and Horner within the motorsport community.

As the F1 circus continues to evolve, fans and insiders alike eagerly await further developments in the dynamic world of driver and team transfers, speculating on how these intriguing behind-the-scenes manoeuvres will shape the future landscape of Formula 1.