Red Bull react to Charles Leclerc’s comments

Christian Horner has responded to comments made by Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc amid the title-winning team’s dominance.

Amidst Red Bull’s unbroken winning streak this season, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has stirred discussions by forecasting that Red Bull’s supremacy could persist until 2026, when new power unit regulations are slated to arrive. 

With 10 races left in the current campaign, Red Bull’s remarkable form has fueled speculation of a flawless season, yet Leclerc’s perspective casts a spotlight on the extent of their lead.

Leclerc’s unexpected declaration, shared during the Zandvoort race buildup, echoes the sentiment of his peers who grapple with the undeniable prowess of Red Bull. 

“That’s what we are trying to work towards,” Leclerc stated, acknowledging the substantial gap Red Bull enjoys. 

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He underscored the challenge of bridging the chasm before the regulatory changes.

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, cautiously embraced Leclerc’s projection while emphasising that Red Bull isn’t becoming complacent.

“I hope he’s right!” Horner expressed, acknowledging the uncertainty of the future in Formula 1. 

Reflecting on Aston Martin’s leap this year, Horner highlighted the rapid pace of change in the sport. 

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He dismissed the notion that teams are solely fixated on 2026, emphasising the ongoing competition.

Horner reiterated, “There are no chassis regulation changes available for play so everybody’s focused on now.” 

He pointed out the historical pattern of convergence when regulations remain stable, anticipating a similar trend to unfold over the next year. 

Despite their remarkable lead, Red Bull continues to acknowledge the potential for challenges in the coming races and beyond.

Paul Monaghan, Red Bull’s Chief Engineer, echoed the team’s proactive stance, dispelling the notion of resting on laurels. 

When asked about the RB19’s historical significance within the team, Monaghan highlighted the team’s focus on the present. 

He acknowledged that while reflection might occur at the end of the season, the team’s immediate attention remains on the ongoing battles.

Monaghan stressed, “Races come up in fairly quick succession. 

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“It’s to avoid complacency so there’s no discussion in the team.” 

He reaffirmed the team’s active involvement in the intense competition and the determination to maintain the fight. 

Monaghan emphasised that the continuous challenges presented by each race weekend deter them from taking a nostalgic view.