Red Bull issue Max Verstappen ban

Max Verstappen has expressed his interest in riding a MotoGP bike in the off-season.

Most drivers like to spend the winter break with their family or chasing the sun in the hotter parts of the globe.

Valtteri Bottas is currently living the Australian life with his girlfriend, catching some sun before Alfa Romeo call him back into the cold to begin preseason testing.

Max Verstappen on the other hand appears to be struggling with the lack of adrenaline rushes over the winter break, as the Dutchman has now expressed his desire to try his hand at another type of motorsport.

At the Honda ‘thanks day’ in Japan, where Verstappen was gifted a brand-new car for his contribution to Honda’s success in recent years, the two-time world champion was given the chance to speak to MotoGP star Marc Marquez.

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The Spaniard allowed Verstappen to sit on his MotoGP bike, prompting the 25-year-old to admit his love for the sport.

“I love watching MotoGP and I like that there are so many teams capable of winning the race. I think it’s fantastic,” said Verstappen.

“These guys are crazy. It’s fascinating to see how strong they are, working the whole body.”

Verstappen has claimed that although he would love to try his luck with a MotoGP bike, his team have forbidden him from doing so, as both parties know that the Dutchman would push the bike to its limits and risk injury.

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“I would like to try one of these bikes for the speed they have on the straight, the power the bikes have,” explained the Dutchman.

“But the team won’t let me!

“Of course, if I broke my leg now, I would have time to recover. If I tried it, I would push. The problem is if something goes wrong!”

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Verstappen has admitted that he does not see his Formula 1 career having the longevity of the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, even suggesting that his current Red Bull contract, which will see him into his late 20’s, could be his last.

The 25-year-old has claimed that he is interested in trying out other racing series, rather than sticking to F1 for the rest of his life, meaning that a MotoGP appearance for Verstappen could be on the cards, although it would take an immense amount of training.

Before he considers any other sport, Verstappen faces the tough task of defending his 2022 title next season, as Ferrari and Mercedes grow closer and closer to Red Bull by the day, as a result of the energy drink giant’s cost cap breach penalty.