Red Bull fire back at fan in hilarious exchange

Red Bull kicked off their season in New York last Friday.

The 2023 season is edging closer and closer, with the teams one by one all revealing their cars before they travel to Bahrain for pre-season testing.

Red Bull were the second team to kick off their season, following up on Haas’ livery announcement by launching the RB19 last Friday in New York.

The RB19 on show at the event was not the finished product, with Red Bull team principal Christian Horner admitting that some technical aspects will be different when the car is wheeled out of the garage in Bahrain.

Fans have been treated to a brief glimpse of the RB19 in action however, with Red Bull taking part in a shake-down at Silverstone, allowing their drivers to have some time behind the wheel of their new car before jetting off to Bahrain for pre-season testing.

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The energy drink giants posted a short clip of the car flying past on Twitter, with the cameraperson hiding behind the fence as if it was a nature documentary.

The post was captioned “RB19 spotted in the wild,” teasing fans about the brief sighting of the car in action.

One fan replied to the post claiming that “Northamptonshire isn’t exactly ‘wild’,” to while Red Bull did not hesitate to reply, poking fun at the comment.

“Oh, you obviously haven’t been to Silverstone in February,” the team replied, with a shivering emoji to hint at how cold it has been during their February shake-down.

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This light-hearted banter on social media between teams and fans is refreshing to see, as the online side of F1 has become filled with troll accounts in recent seasons.

Lewis Hamilton has labelled his social media as a ‘toxic place’, explaining that he no longer checks his comments sections due to the amount of troll accounts, who’s only aim is to offend and cause harm.

While Red Bull might be feeling the cold at Silverstone this week, it will be the complete opposite when F1 travels to the extreme heat of the Middle East in a couple of weeks’ time, as the Bahrain and Saudi Arabian Grand Prix kick off the 2023 season.