Red Bull driver happy to be sacked

Red Bull have developed a reputation for harshly - and often prematurely - sacking drivers in Formula 1.

Zak Crawford, the 18-year-old American racing prodigy, finds himself in a new chapter of his motorsport journey after parting ways with the Red Bull Junior Team following a challenging debut season in Formula 2.

Crawford’s rookie year saw him secure a 13th-place finish in the drivers’ standings, marked by a noteworthy sprint race victory in Spielberg.

He also clinched four additional podium finishes, catching the eye of Aston Martin, who promptly enlisted him in their driver academy for the upcoming season.

In the 2024 campaign, Crawford will be taking the wheel for DAMS, an experienced and reputable team in the world of motorsport.

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He is optimistic about the prospects this change offers him, believing it presents a golden opportunity to impress potential suitors in Formula 1.

Reflecting on his journey thus far, Crawford acknowledges the unique position he holds.

Despite feeling like he has been racing for an extended period, he recognizes that, at just 18 years old, he remains one of the youngest competitors in the F2 circuit.

This contrast becomes even more evident when he compares himself to fellow drivers in their early twenties who boast more extensive single-seater experience.

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Crawford’s time with Red Bull spanned four years, a significant portion of his young life.

Being released from the program at such a tender age might seem unconventional, but he views it as a positive development that has relieved him of certain pressures.

This fresh start allows him to focus on honing his skills and advancing his career without the weight of high expectations.

Formula 2 is known for being a formidable platform where young talents can showcase their abilities, and many drivers, like Mick Schumacher, have needed time to adjust to the demands of its machinery.

Mick Schumacher, for instance, managed to grasp the nuances of F2 cars and ultimately clinched a championship in his second season.

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DAMS, as Crawford’s new racing home, offers stability and a wealth of experience.

They are well-equipped to guide the young American as he continues his journey towards Formula 1.

With a supportive team and a renewed sense of determination, Zak Crawford is poised to make the most of this new chapter in his racing career, pursuing his dream of competing at the pinnacle of motorsport.