Red Bull boss says ban decision dependent on Daniel Ricciardo test

Daniel Ricciardo is set to test for Red Bull at Silverstone at this weekend's upcoming British GP.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is not alone in his fear regarding a potential tyre blanket ban.

The world-famous tyre supplier is in the process of determining whether a ban on tyre blankets is possible, as they look to meet sustainability goals.

Horner, among Formula 1’s top drivers, has shared concerns over the safety of such a move.

Lewis Hamilton has labelled the move “dangerous” and Max Verstappen is in agreement, adamant there would be more crashes if the move were to go ahead.

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Fernando Alonso has suggested tyre warm-up would be rapid over circuits that demand high energy from the tyres.

Such a change has been tested by George Russell and Charles Leclerc at the Spanish Grand Prix, and Red Bull will have their turn in England.

Horner has spoken out over concerns, adding that financial complications make the move less viable.

“We’ll reserve judgement until we’ve done a test, Daniel is going to drive the car and we’ll get the feedback from that running,” he said.

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“Then I am sure Pirelli will make the right decision, I don’t think it is what the drivers want.

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“But my fear with these things is that when you think you’re going to achieve something simplistically and create better racing, there will be a whole lot of effort going into trying to heat the tyres very quickly on out-laps.

“That could drive a lot more cost.

“Everybody has tyre blankets, they do the job and what we should be looking at is sustainable ways of powering those tyre blankets instead of removing them.”