‘Really hard for people’ to understand Max Verstappen

Red Bull ace Max Verstappen is all but certain to win his third consecutive F1 crown this year.

Mark Webber, a former Formula 1 driver for Red Bull Racing, has shared his insights on Max Verstappen’s remarkable performance this season and his pursuit of a significant milestone. 

The Australian driver has commended Verstappen’s dominance on the track while offering his perspective on the challenges that lie ahead.

As the 2023 season progresses, Max Verstappen, a two-time world champion, has emerged as a frontrunner, currently leading the championship with a substantial 125-point advantage over his teammate. 

Verstappen has showcased his prowess by clinching victories in all but two of the 13 rounds so far, establishing himself as a formidable force in the sport. 

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His most recent triumph was at the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa.

Verstappen’s upcoming challenge is set to take place at Zandvoort, his home Grand Prix. 

If he secures a victory there, he will match a record held by Sebastian Vettel for the most consecutive race wins, standing at nine. 

Mark Webber, having driven for Red Bull during his F1 career, has weighed in on Verstappen’s impressive run and the potential record-breaking moment.

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In a conversation with Formula1.com, Webber lauded Verstappen’s performance and highlighted the sheer dedication required for such dominance. 

He stated, “I think it’s really hard for people to understand this level of domination, how much work and effort goes into it. 

“That’s the big thing, you’ve got to give credit, people have to give credit where it’s due.”

Webber emphasised the complexity of achieving such an advantage, particularly in a competitive field like Formula 1, where various factors can lead to mistakes. 

He noted, “To get that level of advantage with the depth of competition in F1… 

“It’s just been a run for the ages.” 

He drew parallels to McLaren’s 1988 run of 11 successive wins, which Red Bull recently surpassed with 12 consecutive wins.

When discussing Verstappen’s potential to equal Vettel’s record, Webber pointed out that reliability issues could be the only hindrance. 

He remarked, “It’s only reliability [problems] that will stop it, I think.” 

Acknowledging the anticipation around Verstappen’s home race at Zandvoort, Webber expressed the hope that the Dutch driver would secure victory there.

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Webber also shared his belief in Verstappen’s continued dominance in the latter half of the season. 

He praised Verstappen’s intensity and experience, suggesting that the lack of pressure might even work in his favour. 

With Red Bull significantly ahead of their competitors, including a 256-point lead over Mercedes, Webber indicated that Verstappen and his team were on track to secure the championship titles for the year.