Ralf Schumacher Explains Why Hamilton Isn’t As Good As His Brother

Ralf Schumacher has pointed out one key difference between the success of Hamilton and his brother.

With Lewis Hamilton in with a good chance of matching Michael Schumacher’s F1 win record at the upcoming Russian Grand Prix, Ralf Schumacher has said the Brit is “definitely” the greatest driver of his time.

“People keep asking me if Lewis Hamilton is the greatest racing driver of all time now that he’s breaking many of my brother’s records,” he said in an interview with Sky Deutschland.

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“My opinion is that he is definitely the greatest of his time. Just like Michael was.”

However, Schumacher pointed out that his brother had success even when he didn’t have a “mega package”, unlike Hamilton.

“But comparing him with my brother is difficult because many factors play a role. Lewis also has a mega package in addition to his brilliant talent. It wasn’t always like that for Michael.

“But what Lewis does with it is still great. It has to be said that he is by far the best driver in the field.”

Lewis Hamilton is yet to sign a contract with Mercedes for the 2021 Formula One season.

Team principal Toto Wolff has said he expects Hamilton to stay with the team, but Schumacher believes that rumours of Mercedes being sold to Ineos are delaying the negotiations and have potentially “paralysed” Hamilton’s ability to make a decision about his future.

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“There is a rumour that Mercedes wants to sell its team by the end of next year, and that uncertainty has consequences. It paralyses such future decisions.

“We have to remember that Lewis is an important personality, certainly a very expensive one, and he will also want a contract that is longer than just a year,” he added.

“The uncertainty that hovers over the team is certainly a good reason why the negotiations between him and the team are taking so long.”

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