Lewis Hamilton’s Breonna Taylor T-Shirt Was ‘Too Much’ – Petrov

The FIA has said Hamilton won’t be penalised for wearing the t-shirt.

Ex-F1 racer Vitaly Petrov has said he believes the FIA will take action to stop drivers from making “political” gestures, referring to Lewis Hamilton’s efforts at Mugello to raise awareness about the killing of Breonna Taylor by law enforcement in the US.

“For me, this t-shirt, on top of calling for everyone to kneel, was too much,” Petrov said in an interview.

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Continuing, he suggested that Hamilton’s gesture was pointless as the US government is already aware of these issues.

“It is a personal matter for every adult. You have the right to speak out on social media or give interviews, but I think the US government is well aware of these problems already.

“But to call on that in Formula 1 itself … I think half of the spectators didn’t even know what the shirt was about until it was explained to them.

“And let’s say a driver admits to being gay – will they come out with a rainbow flag and urge everyone to become gay as well? I think the FIA will no longer allow such behaviours,” Petrov added.

Finally, he said that in Russia, where Petrov is from, they have a different mentality when it comes to taking a knee.

“In Russia we have a different mentality, and we do not have the problems that Hamilton is talking about. There should be respect for everyone.”

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