Pierre Gasly reveals ‘worse’ driver relationships in the paddock

Alpine have been warned about potential issues between Esteban Ocon and his new teammate Pierre Gasly this year.

In Formula 1, the only person who you can truly judge your ability against is your teammate, as you are racing against them in equal machinery.

Driver pairings such as Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have turned toxic in the past, as both drivers do everything they can to get the better of their teammate, despite the will of their team for them to work together.

Alpine have been urged to keep an eye on the relationship between their new driver pairing this year, after Pierre Gasly made the move from AlphaTauri to replace Fernando Alonso.

Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon have had their issues in the past, with the duo not getting on particularly well during their time racing against each other in the junior categories.

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With both drivers being French and racing for a French team, former F1 driver Romain Grosjean has suggested that the situation in the team could become hostile if both drivers try to become the ‘main man’ at Alpine.

Gasly has been quick to shut down these claims, revealing that the majority of drivers on the grid share at least some tension with their partner.

“I think this is a subject that is talked about far too often,” he told Motorsport.com when asked about his relationship with Ocon.

“We get along well. We may not be best friends, but we can go through a door together.

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“When I go over the paddock and the relationship between other teammates, there are certainly relationships that are worse than ours.

“If the relationship between Esteban and me needs to be discussed, you can talk about 60 percent of the paddock.”

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Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi has warned his new driver pairing that should they not be on their best behaviour this year, it could be the downfall of their careers.

Rossi was very vocal about Fernando Alonso’s fallout with Ocon last year, telling the drivers that he would not hessite to replace them with one of the many drivers who would dream of being in their position, should they not be able to act mature.

With the situation on the track looking promising at Alpine, the team will be hoping that their drivers can help them become regulars of the podium, rather than hinder them.